About us

About Letdel

Letdel Group is a team of internet marketing experts. Our team has customer satisfaction as a #1 priority. Letdel’s main goal is to increase the user experience and at the same time make the website work for our client; 

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While driving far more leads to your company through the use of New Age Digital Media Marketing and SEO. Together we provide transparent reporting while being proactive in our communications with our vendors, each other, and most importantly, our clients.

Why Letdel?

We’re Professionals — We can cut through a lot of red tapes and easily adapt to meet your needs. Also, you’ll never have to deal with a million customer-support reps. Talk to the same dedicated Marketing Manager every time you call.

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 We’re available to discuss your needs every time you call. We Have Competitive Pricing — We work hard towards having our clients say that they’re getting better results now for less money than they ever did from other marketing companies.Our pricing is always fair, competitive and intended to make you far more money than you’re spending.Our team is always ready to assist you with consultation on the building of your website and Google ranking.


Our Awesome Team

Rasheed James

Rasheed James

Founder & CEO

Rasheed is an Online Business Consultant and Search Engine Marketing expert generating content to increase awareness of services & products.

Erfan M.Beik

Erfan M.Beik

Co- Founder

Erfan is Operations Manager at Letdel Group LLC. At Letdel we help business owners around the nation to grow their business using marketing techniques of today.

Dorsa Ostadhaji

Dorsa Ostadhaji

Analytics Expert

Dorsa has 4 years experience in digital marketing

Our Mission

Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase sales


We have ranked hundreds of websites nationally to a top place ranking for their keywords on the 3 major search engines


What We Do Best



Social Media

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


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